• About me

    My name is Mishele Pleiades Rising. I am an Astro-Numerologist, Certified Reiki Master| Moonologer| Crystal Energy & Angel Guide.

    I rise with the Pleiades, Leo Sun and Sagittarius Moon. Growing up in Colorado I admired the night sky and developed an interest in the Metaphysical realm.

        My passion started with Tarot cards and that led me to Numerology. While studying Astro-Numerology I was researching the meaning of 22° when I discovered the late prolific Astrologer Nikola Stojanovic. After my first reading I studied one on one with him for several years and we became great friends.

        My goal is identifying what is blocking your life and giving you Remedies. I believe that Astrology & Numerology can help individuals understand their lives phases and cycles. By empowering people to integrate their distinctive natal energy to their highest good. Consequently, they can master their life and divine mission with ease.

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